When you decide to purchase a new Subaru at our dealership in Acton, MA, you can appreciate the benefits of advanced safety features. New Subaru SUVs and sedans come with EyeSight Driver Assist Technology. These driver assistance features give you confidence when you're on the road and come in handy in various circumstances.

Keep reading to learn more about Subaru EyeSight Technology!

Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature keeps you a pre-set distance from the car in front of you and maintains a set speed when driving on the highway.

Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control

The Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control feature is available on select models and provides you the ability to choose the distance you want to keep from the car in front. Plus, it keeps you centered in your lane.

Lane Keep Assist

This feature monitors the lines on the road to keep you from straying outside of your lane when out driving around Littleton, MA.

Pre-Collision Braking

Pre-Collision Braking works by providing you with an alert if it senses an impending collision. This feature can also apply the brakes for you if necessary.

Pre-Collision Throttle Management

Subaru vehicles for sale near Boxborough offer Pre-Collision Throttle Management. This feature reduces the power of the engine to minimize the force of a collision and any damage that may incur.

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